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Arrived super fast and just as described I put the tool to charge after about 30 minutes the light was green indicating it was ready.... so after a couple of tries I just could not get it to work like I would hope but today I sat down and really dedicated my self to doing it and after about 20 minutes I started seeing results..... granted I’m not finished but I am extremely happy with my purchase and how good my teeth are coming out

Kyle K.

Read quite a few reviews on this product before I bought it, then tested it after I got it this evening with the intention of returning it if it didn’t. It takes plaque build up off very easily. It vibrates at a high enough frequency which eliminates any “scraping” concerns. The vibration takes plaque-related stains off on touch. This product works very well. It’s inexpensive, good quality, and, amazingly, it actually works.

Amanda B.

...how effective this little device is. Because of chronic gum disease, I have to work very hard to keep my teeth free of plaque and any buildup of calculus. Manual scraping and flossing is somewhat useful, but I really wanted something more

Peter G.

Easy to use and cleans below the gum line better than waterpik.

Beatrice H.